Friday, March 26, 2010

School is Cool

I'm very proud to announce that Vito and I will be a part of this amazing anthology with a 4-pg FCHS story! Check it out:

Help Bring Comics into the Classroom

Reading with Pictures is an educational non-profit organization that promotes literacy and the visual arts through the use of comics in the classroom. To achieve our goals, we’ve recently launched a pledge drive on ( to finance the publication of a groundbreaking educational comics anthology. The anthology features a cover by Jill Thompson (The Sandman) and original stories by over 50 all-ages creators including Fred Van Lente (Amazing Spider-Man), Chris Giarrusso (Mini-Marvels), Jim Gownley (Amelia Rules), Jeffrey Brown (Sulk), Scott Sava (The Dreamland Chronicles), and RWP Executive Director Josh Elder (Mail Order Ninja). This limited edition anthology will serve as a proof of concept that comics can be both entertaining and educational, and the only way to guarantee that you get your copy is by pre-ordering on Kickstarter today!

Learn more by visiting us online at

At Reading with Pictures, we’re getting comics into schools and getting schools into comics.

Awesome, or what? Others involved include Eric Wight (Frankie Pickle), Raina Telgemeier (Babysitter's Club, Smile) and Fred Van Lente (Action Philosophers, Marvel Zombies). What?! I know, right?

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