Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Free Comic Book Day

Thanks to everyone who showed up for FCBD, and for all the words of support since!

If you missed out, we have more FCHS FCBD issues at Jim Hanley's Universe. They'll also have postcards, and fun stuff, like buttons.

Also, look for us at MoCCa! I'll probably linger around the AdHouse booth for a while, but who can stay still for too long when there's so much awesome around?

Hope to see ya there!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

So this year I'll be attending Heroes Con in North Carolina.

They gave me a table, as a guest! I don't know the table number yet though, so stay tuned.

I learned yesterday (Free Comic Book Day) that even if people don't know who I am, they'll still want a sketch. So, especially if you do know about me, come on down! I'll have specific times for sketching (can't draw ALL day). I'll have some new art promoting FCHS, as well as some future projects, and (if I can swing it) a short (very short) mini-comic all my own. Plus, a TON of free buttons!

I'll also be loitering at MoCCA this year. I don't have a table, but I'll be walking around with more free stuff.

If I can get my hands on more of the FCBD FCHS issue, I'll be giving those away. Otherwise, it'll just be more of the same: promo cards, buttons, and fliers with future endeavors! Also, check out the freebie table.


Friday, May 1, 2009

Hey men and ladies! Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day, my favorite holiday! Vito Delsante and I will be signing the FCBD edition of our comic, FCHS, tomorrow at Jim Hanley's Universe. We'll be there all day long, so stop by and hang out with us. If you can't make it to Hanley's, then look for our story, featured in AdHouse's FCBD this year. Also in that issue is Lamar Abrams' Remake, an awesomely fun and silly comic, coming soon from AdHouse.

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